A- Permanent Makeup is specialized cosmetic tattooing. It is also commonly referred to as Microblading, Micropigmentation, 3-D or 6-D Brows, Brow-Feathering, Brow Embroidery, etc. Permanent Makeup (PMU) is the process in which sterile hypoallergenic cosmetic pigments are placed into the dermal layer of the skin using single use individual disposable sterile needles. PMU is not the same process as in conventional tattoos. PMU pigments will fade over time unlike conventional tattoos. We use different pigments for the face, unlike body ink. It is called permanent because even though it fades, particles remain in the skin. This is not to be confused with the misconception that "Permanent Makeup" means it will be visibly permanent forever. The areas to be treated are numbed using approved topical anesthetics to make your experience a comfortable & pleasant one. The beauty of semi-permanent makeup is that it offers you the ability to look and feel beautiful and confident 24/7--in the gym, in the pool, all the time! Even if you're struggling with patchy, sparse, scarred, misshapen, uneven, or nonexistent brows. Most women can benefit from semi-permanent makeup. It lends the flexibility of regular makeup, allowing you to problem-shoot a small area (i.e. cover up scars, blend into your existing brow), or go the full extent and create an entire brow from scratch. It's an art, not a science!
A- As long as you meet the minimum age requirements and are relatively healthy, almost anyone can. I have worked with clients of all ages and ethnicities and helped them achieve their aesthetic goals. It’s also a great option if you can’t wear traditional cosmetics due to sensitivities or certain allergies, and it’s also ideal if you lead a busy or active lifestyle.

Those who are NOT ideal candidates for Permanent Makeup:

You are under 18.
You are pregnant or breastfeeding (Please consult your doctor).
You have been on Accutane within 1 year.
You have irritation of the skin of any kind such as blemishes, pimples, rash, psoriosis, eczema, rosacea, sunburn or irritation in/around the area of procedure. Amy WILL NOT be able to do the procedure until the blemish or area of concern is completely healed or the mole is removed and healed. If you show up to the appointment and there is an area of concern, you will be rescheduled to the next available appointment (typically months out) and forfeit your deposit for the appointment time lost. A new deposit will be required to reschedule. NO EXCEPTIONS
You are on Retin-A or Retinols. Be off 7 days before appointment and avoid 30 days after procedure.
Diabetic (consult your doctor)
Have HIV or Hepatitis or any other viral infections and/or diseases
Undergoing Chemotherapy (consult your doctor)
A Pacemaker or major heart problems
Had an Organ transplant
Sick (cold, flu, etc. Will affect the healing process, please reschedule)
You generally don’t heal well and develop infections easily
You ARE NOT a good candidate if you have LARGE pores or Oily/Severely Oily Skin, your results WILL appear softer/solid or powdered looking.
You ARE NOT a good candidate if you have thin, sensitive skin AND Rosacea. This will cause bleeding and poor pigment retention.
A- Safety and cleanliness is a priority and our environment and commitment reflect these values. All needles are sterile for individual use and are fully disposed after each use.
A- I will use a high-grade topical anesthetic prior to and throughout the duration of the procedure for your comfort. Most clients feel nothing or describe a "tweezing" sensation. Sensitive clients may require longer numbing but the sensation is tolerable. Many clients fall asleep in the chair during the procedure.
A- No, it is not necessary. During the initial portion of your appointment, we will have a conversation about what you're hoping to achieve and I will recommend shapes and colors based on my assessment of your features and will do a "reshaping"of the proposed design. I always offer an extensive explanation of this as well; due to my 12 years as a beauty educator, it's an inherent part of my routine to explain the process to my clients to ensure that you understand each step of the way. It is my priority to ensure that all of your questions are answered and that you feel absolutely comfortable and confident in moving forward in going through with the procedure. Also, I will be seeing you for a follow-up appointment in the following months so you may “fine-tune” your design and make adjustments to shape and color. I always err on the natural side since we can always go "bolder, bigger, darker," with ease but not so much the other way around. I show you the colors I will choose before we begin so there are absolutely no surprises during the appointment--it's a collaboration from beginning to end.
A- Please allocate around 2 hours for your appointment. First I will carefully analyze your facial shape, structure and features, pinpointing how your natural features can be enhanced by the procedure. Then, I will advise you on the most suitable shape and colors to match your skin and hair tone. Finally, using cosmetic pencils, I will create a design by reshaping your existing brow to help you envision your ideal end result. Only once you are 100% happy, I will proceed to numb you with the topical anesthetic for 20 minutes. Each procedure normally lasts approximately 45 minutes. Lastly, I will review aftercare instruction with you and schedule your follow-up visit.
A- Your permanent makeup will intensify in color and appear darker and more defined for the first 4-6 days. There may also be an alteration in the color and it may look "warmer" or reddish in tone if you're prone to sensitive skin. There is no puffiness or redness for the eyebrows; two days of puffiness for the eyes and lips. Basically, your makeup appearance will be bolder. It is a good idea to “lay low” during this time and reduce social events. After one week, the intensity will soften 30%-40% and natural.

You will need to avoid SWEATING and avoid contact with water as much as possible and exposure to sun. No swimming and suntanning for 2 weeks after any procedure. Gentle washing with gentle cleansers only when absolutely needed. Only the following 3 products are allowed in the brow area: moisturizer, oils (grapeseed, coconut, argan, etc.), and the balm provided or something comparable (A+D ointment, Aquaphor, etc.). Avoid scrubbing the permanent makeup area until it has fully healed.
A- The "permanence" of the brows depends from person to person because there are so many variables at play that affect the longevity of your permanent makeup. It will fade over time. It's called "Permanent Makeup" because the particles from the pigment stay in your skin forever, although the saturation dissipates eventually causing fading/visibly perceived complete dissipation. Factors such as natural elements, skin type (i.e. Oilier skin can fade faster), age, skincare regimen (i.e. anti-aging creams), facials, peels, sun exposure, tanning beds, sweating, exercise habits, are all at play when it comes to affecting the life span of your brows. On average, they may last anywhere from 1-3 years. However, they start to fade the moment you get them because as the skin cells shed and regenerate, the pigment will surface and eventually fade out. It is recommended to get color boosts to freshen up the PMU to maintain its natural look every 6 months to a year.

Many clients ask "how will I know when I should get them done again?"... the answer is usually "you'll know...!" because you will grow increasingly frustrated at the lack thereof or you'll find that you're back to filling them in again more than you'd like. Usually after the first round, you'll get an idea of your body's cycle and how often you prefer to come in.

You can anticipate acclimating to your new brows, however, so your "preference" will evolve into an increasingly fuller/more filled-in look over time. For example, you may think your brows are more faded than they are because you've gotten used to having them filled in as opposed to when you initially came in with virgin brows. We can always go darker, just let us know because we always err on the conservative side!