Microblading/3D Eyebrows

Realistic hair-like strands are drawn in one stroke at a time. Creates a realistic, natural-looking brow, using: *dimensional shading, *custom-created color based on your individual skin tone using 2-4 different colors based on artist’s analysis.

Lasts a year or more, but depending on skin type and lifestyle, touch-ups may be required starting from the 6-month mark.

Popular choice for those with: scarred/ patchy eyebrows/ have sparseness/ misshapen/asymmetrical brows, want virtually undetectable alteration, minimal makeup wearers, those that want to build color over time, anyone looking for a natural look.

We practice only hygienic methods according to SCPC standards and NY State Health codes. Brand new one-time use only sterile needles and only all-disposable materials are used on the tray during the procedure. The industry standard, LI Pigments, are used for the procedure. They are high-quality and “stable.” They do not turn color over time.

We practice the philosophy of natural aesthetics: that a brow should look fitting on a natural, bare face. This means we will always err on the side of being conservative because the outcome is unpredictable case-by-case. We can always add on in a follow-up session.

Microblading is great for people that want a “natural” look. It has a shorter life-span than the Hairstroke Method, lasting typically 8-12 months before requiring touch-ups to maintain a “fresh” look (but can vary case-by-case). For first-timers this may be the method to go with if you’re reluctant to commit to a definitive shape.



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